METRO KNITTING & DYEING MILLS LIMITED is a very prominent name in the knitwear industry, which is a 100% export oriented composite factory of Bangladesh. It is the most sophisticated plant equipped with highly modern machineries mostly imported from Germany, USA, Sweden, Japan, Taiwan and Turkey encompassing the latest technology and experienced power man. It has been running since 1st September 2000 and it produces all world class knit fabrics and knit garments.

Metro Knitting & Dyeing Mills Ltd.is organized by about 15000 (Fifteen thousand) skilled workers and about 1000 (One Thousand) supervisory and managerial staff.

Marketing,Merchandising, Planning, Production, Procurement, Finance, Shipping, Human Resources, Administration and Information System are located in the office.

60% of this workforce are women, which is a significant contribution of women’s employment in a developing country like Bangladesh.

Excellent salaries supplemented with performance incentives motivate all staff to achieve the highest level of productivity.