From developing time we are doing RND and FTD. We do this for any kinds of new design of fabrics, after finding out any technical limitation we do risk assessment also we do for each style with related department people.
Our factory has (Quality management system), RQS (Requirements for quality system. Factory’s all routine assuring H&M), GPQ (Guide line for production & quality. Factory’s textile), NQC (Nominated quality controller. Trial, Inline & Final inspection over all instead of H&M QC), FGT (Fashion guard team. pcs by pcs final inspection) N.Tech (Nominated technical. Sample), Material QC (At Textile)
Since we are running the factory with the help of these expert team. Day by day our customer and buyer demands are going up increasing. So, we have increased our quality demand with help of these of expert team. In our factory we train the mid management on related work department wise. By exam we take the feedback from them. By taking feedback they become in management and for that they can handle their lower level workers smoothly. We have two backup guy for every department against the department head. So, in the absence of the department head the backup guys can control and conduct all the works properly. It causes no problem.
Our QMS workings sections are divided into several departments like Material, Sample, Production and Customer focus. To beginning at year we are seating “GOAL” each department. We keep the data from all the departments. After keeping the data weekly, monthly, yearly we do analyzing as percentage, scoring & pass fail system. After sorting out the matter we sit for a meeting with the related department and try to find out the root cause. After finding out the root case we make a CAP (Corrective action plan) discussing the related department. We compare the data analysis report result with one month to another month in every department. If somehow our result comes over the “GOAL” percentage we call for the management meeting and try to solve our problems.

As our GOAL is to be the best company in garments industry and our policy is deliver the quality GOODS and better services to all customer. We expect that the “QMS” exactly can give to guidance our success.