With the object to maintain self sufficiency in all the sectors and up grade the standard of products, we have set up a laboratory with modern instruments like sample dyeing machine, Auto washer light cabinet, Electronic balance, Pilling tester, P. H. Indicator, Yarn tension meter, GSM meter, Moisture Meter & Spectro-photometer under the guidance of textile experts.
We have various test in our laboratory such as light fastness. Color fastness, water repellency, shrinkage, tear test, rubbing test, twisting test, Pilling test and PH test etc.
We emphasize quality management system in our laboratory, assuring of total quality.


  • Spector Photo Meter
  • Pespirometer
  • Ph Meter
  • Digital Pilling Tester
  • Digital Pipette
  • Digital Crock Meter
  • Lab Dyeing M/C
  • Wash   &   Dryer