Our goal is to be the best company in our industry and it is our policy to deliver Total Quality Goods and services to all customers. We accomplish this means of the following actions:
  • Strive to satisfy and to exceed customers’ expectations to be accurate and on time with all deliverables.
  • Focuses on continual improvement in all quality related activities and seek to prevent errors and eliminate the root causes of problems.
  • Develop and maintain mutually beneficial relationships with suppliers to assure a stable supply of quality materials and services.
  • Maintain competitive prices and superior financial performance by elimination waste wherever it occurs.
Approved by :
Mr. Ranabir Roy, Director.

From developing time we are doing RND and FTD. We do this for any kinds of new design of fabrics, after finding out any technical limitation we do risk assessment also we do for each style with related department people.
Our factory has (Quality management system), RQS (Requirements for quality system. Factory’s all routine assuring H&M), GPQ (Guide line for production & quality. Factory’s textile), NQC (Nominated quality controller. Trial, Inline & Final inspection over all instead of H&M QC), FGT (Fashion guard team. pcs by pcs final inspection. UNIQLO) N.Tech (Nominated technical. Sample), Material QC (At Textile)..

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