Garments sample plays an important role for receiving garments export order. Product development & sample department of garments manufacturing factory has done this job. As a result, among all the other sections like cutting, sewing, finishing etc. Product development & sample section gets the maximum priority in demands. We should have excellent idea about the process flow chart of sample making which will help to facilitate the other duties of a garments export order.

Sample & RnD Section equipped with digital pattern designer and plotter from GERBER & OPTITEX:

  • Digitizer
  • Pattern Design System
  • Plotter
CAPACITY: 13000 Pcs/Month.




01 Received tech pack from the buyer It is the first step of a garment export order. Here garments merchandiser receives all the tech pack from the buyer, where tech pack contains all the required information about the garments order such as reference sample, measurement chart, print instruction, embroidery instruction, wash instruction etc.
02 Pattern making Here sample pattern has to develop according to tech pack (measurement chart) and Technical information provided by the buyer.
03 Costing Marker As soon as Tech pack is received from buyer our Auto CAD work for Costing Marker. Calculate fabric consumption & cost. We use modern technology GARBER & OPTITEX.
04 Standard Minute Value (SMV) Make operation bulletin with SMV based on Buyer given Artwork. Set the standard method for Cutting, Sewing & Finishing.
05 Fabric Check Marketing team provide fabrics for Sample Making from R&D. Our internal Quality Team check fabrics based on buyers required standard if fabric is passed after physical check & LAB test result. After that proceed for cutting.
06 Fabric cutting After developing sample garments pattern, fabric is cut here by following the pattern.
07 Print or embroidery (if required) If tech pack contains print or embroidery instructions then those should be completed in the cutting fabrics according to the tech pack.
08 Sewing Sewing is another important section to approve the sample by the buyer in a short notice. Here, garments are sewn according to measurement chart. It should be noted that, during sewing extra care should be taken to make fault free sample garments. We check each and every sewing process by Operator & Roving Quality person.
09 Finishing Ironing or pressing is done in the garments according to the measurement chart.
10 QC check After completing all the above processes, quality controller inspects the sample garments here by following the tech pack which is provided by the buyer. Our internal Quality Team conducts fitting test by using Dummy confirm for Sample ready for Submission to Buyer.
11 Final Audit As soon as final Quality check is confirmed our Senior Quality & Technician will double check and confirm Sample submit.
12 Send to the buyer for approval After checking the sample garments by the quality controller (QC), garments are sent to the buyer for approval. If it’s approved by the buyer then garments merchandiser can start the next processes for the garments production.